From Individual Mastery To Profitable Mastermind Organization

From Individual Mastery to Profitable Mastermind Organization is a bespoke three-on-three small group program for those seeking exponential growth in their practices, and who recognize that synergistic approaches and a paradigm of complementarity is what is needed to thrive in what is now a global marketplace and community.

Our mentor tutoring model is to work first with you as an individual, then work with you in a small group team environment and to mentor tutor you whilst you work with one another, in our digital space, with all three mentor tutors present at each session, combining individual and group work, with one primary facilitator; sessions are recorded and are built upon through inter-sessional homework.

Think of this as the three discrete circles of an incipient Venn Diagram, with their own unique gifts and skill-sets, meeting and merging to create, at its very center, a “Sweet Spot” and a new “Reuleaux Triangle” of extraordinary authority, to offer a new Premium Program.

Who the program is for and brings together

Highly experienced practitioners who have reached a stage in their career where they recognize:

  • that their solo practice is leading to isolation, impacting on productivity and increasingly limiting growth;
  • that their inability to access their true potential and untapped capacity further limits the market traction they desire; and
  • that a business model that undervalues their professional services in a limited, local market prevents them from leveraging exponential, global growth.

What it will do for you

Three highly differentiated, but complementary, master practitioners work with you and similarly unique practitioners in a small group team environment to:

  • Facilitate your transformational journey from ‘isolated sole practitioner’ to an empowered member of our mastermind organization and global virtual learning community of coaches, academics and experts in a vast array of disciplines and influences;
  • Unleash your untapped individual potential, create unrealized team capacities, and implement new leader and team paradigms as ‘directors of ensembles’;
  • Guide you in the design of your own unique version of our Master Mentor Tutor fully individualized premium rate program; and
  • Research and recommend strategy and deliverables in the digital marketing and social mass media world, and equip you as a future strategic partner in our mastermind organization with launch materials and channels for exponential global reach of your joint venture program.

Program Designers: Charles McFarland and Denis Roberts