Create A Designer Program Shaped Around You And The Client

Create A Designer Program Shaped Around You And The Client is a fully individualized one-on-one program designed to fit you like a glove; and which facilitates a holistic approach to transformation that integrates personal mastery, organizational development and business growth.

Is this You?

You are a highly experienced sole practitioner who has reached a stage in your career where you have the necessary mastery in a leading franchise’s methodology; and have now outgrown the methodology and semi-independent  business model and no longer wish to sell your services at commodity rates under someone else’s brand; and pay the price of profitability being further reduced by franchise fees.

You ready to become fully independent and provide a premium rate program

You are now ready to build your own designer brand by fully discovering your vocation and eliciting and articulating your own unique paradigm; pinpointing your niche with lazer-sharp precision; and co-designing your very own distinct designer program, that is shaped entirely you and your clients, as individuals; and positions you “in a class of your own” in the global marketplace and thereby enable to sell your services at premium rates.

Strategic Partnership 

Upon completion of our programs, you will become a strategic partner in our mastermind organization and have the opportunity to retail your services at our premium rates; and on a co-branded basis.