Marja Botha van Doorn (B.Proc | MCT | EMBA)

Who I am

I am the go-to mentor, coach and consultant for law firm partners and as a former corporate lawyer I know the challenges inside out.

More important, I am a non-judgmental, endlessly curious, fun-loving optimist dedicated to help you become MORE of the BEST of yourself, MORE of the time.

What I do

I help partners of Law firms to build on their unique strengths and achieve exceptional results as lawyers, leaders and colleagues.

My background and experience

My fascination with people and their unique talents and strengths started when I was practicing as corporate litigation lawyer. I realized that there was a myth concerning what most people believed about success: i.e. “The best people in a role all get there exactly the same way”

As if there is some cookie cutter approach to success.

Well from observing two of the best lawyers in the firm where I worked and several other colleagues and clients throughout my career as lawyer, master trainer and change consultant, I realized that it wasn’t true.

The truth is “The BEST people in a role deliver the same outcomes but use different behaviors to achieve it and these behaviours come from within”

I also realized that you can be good and relatively successful at what you do even if you’re NOT passionate about it. BUT at some point in time, you are aware that you are not fully being yourself. You start to feel disconnected from yourself and the world. Until eventually you lose yourself.

What I studied….and continue to study

Learning these things propelled me on a journey of research and study in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, high performance, influence and persuasion, positive psychology and human excellence. But also business, marketing and sales.

I learned that there is magic in all of us and your best chances of success is if you consciously develop your talents into strengths so you can live a life of prosperity, abundance, passion and fulfilment.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know what makes them unique. Often because they take it for granted.

How I can help

And that is where I can help.

I have dedicated my career to help people (and organizations) become MORE of the BEST of themselves MORE of the time so they can rock their career and business results and have FUN doing it.

My expertise includes:

One-on-one work to help individuals unleash their full potential and get them to a place where they are celebrated, not just tolerated.

Team work to help teams and individuals in the teams unleash their full potential, and align team vision with corporate vision

Organizational culture – to ensure that a strengths culture is cascaded throughout the organization in order to yield the highest ROI for the organization and its people

CEO: Talents2Strengths