Lead With Authenticity As A High-Flying Millennial In A Fast Moving Digital Age

The program is a fully individualized one-on-one program designed to fit you like a glove; and which facilitates a holistic approach to transformation that integrates personal mastery, leadership, organizational development and business growth.

Is this You?

Are you are an Millennial and an Owner, CEO or Managing Director who feels challenged by their role in a fast changing digital age and wants to create leadership built on authenticity and inspiration?

Create a Leadership Style that is True to You

I will help you experience the positive energy which lets you connect with your true voice. I will teach you powerful tools and techniques for being genuine, natural and authentic; and enjoy the potency of being an authentic and inspirational leader.

Benefits of Being True To Yourself

This will generate the following benefits:

You will be able to step outside your role to connect more deeply and directly with others as a fellow human being

You will help cultivate a meaningful organisational culture and relationships through which everyone can fully be themselves

You will lead by example and inspire the necessary courage to learn from experience and respond to any change

Moving beyond the limitations of a role to engage as a whole human being

Model relationships and an environment in which you as leader communicate a deeper knowledge of self

Develop step-by-step techniques for transforming every negative experience into a gift and opportunity to learn

Embed these leadership skills in your practice to transform yourself, others and the culture

Nurturing a leadership culture in tune with everyone’s vision, values and strategy

Develop the capacity to tune into the culture and perspectives of all generations present in the business

Build culture and strategy based on trust, openness, joy and respect

Create and inspire an energetic, efficient and vibrant way of working together

Creating an authentic business that has the courage to learn from any change

Enable you as leader to connect with your true energy and work effortlessly

Experience being supported and ‘held’ in order to step out of your comfort zone and journey fearlessly into the unknown to lead change

Be encouraged to be your true self to lead and inspire by example and create a culture of empowerment

Allow me to be of service

We are best able to connect with who we are through our relationships with another person. Confide in me as a listening ear to connect you with who you are as a fellow human being and draw on my expertise in putting you in touch with your intuition to enable you to bring the whole of you into your leadership and experience authenticity and exponential growth.

You are invited to a 45 minute complimentary discovery session to get to the root of who you are as a person and discover how empowered you will feel.

Strictly confidential

All our work together will be treated as strictly confidential to open a safe space for digging deep into some of the human dilemmas that are likely to be at play .. where the more we expose our vulnerabilities .. the greater our courage .. and the scope to generate transformational results. 

Next Step

To take the first step, all you have to do, is click “BOOK NOW” to book your FREE Discovery Session. So let’s meet to pinpoint what is holding you back, establish where you want to get to and experience what your breakthrough will look and feel like.


Program Designer: Carin H. Bladh