Lead from Your Strengths and S.O.A.R.

This fully individualized program is designed to help you unleash the exceptional leader inside of you and is shaped entirely around you, your personality, talents and leadership style. We will transform what is good within you, into what is extraordinary so that you will skyrocket your personal and professional results.

Is this You?

You are an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, CEO, COO, Managing Director and Senior Leader and Consultant who is aware that you have key hidden strengths that are as yet to be realized.

Pinpointing and building on Your Unique Strengths

I help leaders of major change pinpoint and build on their unique strengths & achieve exceptional results.

The Power of Knowing what Makes You Unique

All people have a unique set of talents, that makes you different from anyone else in the world. Perhaps it’s the meticulous way in which you analyze a challenge. Perhaps it’s the way you form new business ideas or see opportunities. Perhaps it’s the charming way in which you communicate with clients, colleagues or suppliers.

Whatever it is for you. That uniqueness is what sets you apart from all the rest. It is what makes you brilliant at what you do. It is what enables you to have the cutting edge in your business, career and life.

Unfortunately most people don’t know what makes them unique. Often because they take it for granted.

This program is designed to help you discover and gain a deep understanding of your unique set of (leadership) talents, strengths and blind-spots so you can be MORE of the BEST of you, MORE of the time!.

In addition, I will introduce you to the dynamics of the strengths-based organization and the most effective ways to communicate your vision, encourage positive behavior and manage cultural change.

Our S.O.A.R Framework

This is designed to help you:

SEEK and understand your unique talents.

Firstly we will discover your unique set of talents

You will learn more about your top talents and understand how they influence the way you think, feel and behave as individual and leader.

Once you’ve discovered what makes you unique and gained a new appreciation for how extraordinary you are, you are ready to…

OWN your uniqueness

Knowing your talents and understanding the impact they have on how you naturally think, feel and behave will give you a new found confidence in who you are at your core.

This will empower you to embrace, nurture and take ownership of your uniqueness as leader, business owner and individual

It will enable you to act and make decisions that are authentically aligned with who you are at your core and will prepare you to…

APPLY your talents and strengths in a focused way

you will learn strategies to become masterful at authentically expressing yourself as leader and individual and add value to your business, family and the world

In addition you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for those around you and how you can leverage each other’s strengths

RADIATE the trust, compassion, stability and hope of a true leader

You will become the BEST version of yourself and learn how to leverage your own and other’s strengths to achieve excellence in your role as leader in and of your organization and life.

You will get to a place where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.

What you come away with

If you decide that you would like us to work together:

Our first step will be to fully assess your talents using the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment. There are things that ONLY YOU can do in the way you do them, and we will find out what that is. It will be a huge eye opener for you and will take your appreciation of yourself and your uniqueness to a whole new level.

Next, we will craft a strategic action plan with manageable steps that is designed specifically around who you are as an individual and as leader in order to reach your personal, career and business goals.

And, finally, we will implement and course correct the plan to obtain the best possible solution.

Delivery options

S.O.A.R. is a corporate transformation program that is available to businesses and organizations of all sizes ranging from solo independent coaches and consultants to large scale organisations and is delivered to leaders and the organisation one of two ways:

Fully Individualized One-On-One Leadership Mentoring

This is delivered to the key leader or leaders in the organization.

Fully Individualized Combined One-On-One Leadership Mentoring and Consultancy

In addition to delivering fully individualized one-on-one coaching, there is also scope to provide organisations with fully individualized one-on-one coaching that is combined with consultancy and works with specific leaders and teams to deliver a fully individualised corporate transformation programme.

In particular and depending on organisation size and structure, this incorporates Team Leadership Development work with the Sales Director and Sales Team to Enhance Customer Engagement.

Strictly confidential

All our work together will be treated as strictly confidential to open a safe space for digging deep into some of the human dilemmas that are likely to be at play .. where the more we expose our vulnerabilities .. the greater our courage .. and the scope to generate transformational results. 

Next step

To take the first step, all you have to do, is click “BOOK NOW” to book your FREE 45 Minute Discovery Session.  So let’s meet to make an initial exploration of your hidden strengths and how building on these will dramatically impact on your performance and effectiveness.

Program Designer: Marja Botha van Doorn