CIRCLE – Coaches’ Independent, Resonant Community of Learning and Exchange


To create a virtual learning community to the support the development of the independent professional services business owner; and their growth of Collaborative Premium Global Online Practices and Networks.

Next Generation Video Communications-Based Group and Community

The community will involve a free membership private group for growing a highly personalized network through which “engagement is continuously recycled and reinforced” through meeting live on video .. posting a recording of that meeting in the community and attracting others who wish to meet live.  The same process is open to participants who are collaborating in small groups.  There will also be a weekly community coaching session from which the individual and small groups take away a task to continue working on during the week.

Next Generation Interactive TV Channel

The community will incorporate its own free next gen interactive TV channel. Unlike TED talks .. which video record presentations to an audience of consumers .. Interactive TV brings together live discussions between top creative minds from across the world into a virtual room .. and where the discussion panel and viewers participate from the comfort of their armchair .. and there is also scope for the viewer to enter the virtual room and participate in the discussion.

Co-Creative Interdisciplinary Discussions

Co-creative interdisciplinary discussions between top creative minds from across the world .. assemble around a shared higher purpose / noble cause / development of new interdisciplinary paradigms.

Three key dimensions contribute to their value:

deepening insight into our own .. and one another’s unique individuality and paradigms .. whilst enriching an awareness of diversity

moving ever closer to a common language that resides at the very heart of synergy

heightened cross-fertilisation of experience and ideas that is nurtured .. and facilitated .. by a co-creative culture

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