Carin H. Bladh

My life and career began in the field of teaching. I chose to work with young children with their pure energy for life and with grown up young people ready to spread their wings. Now I have worked with people of all ages and from 5 to 75 years old. My passion is my positive energy for others to succeed and to see them shine; and I receive reflections like: “Energy connects us like a spark of true love that brings us all to life.”

My journey

As a young girl, I realized how careful we need to be: We have one life! My choice is positive thinking and my ambition is to act in that direction step-by-step and day-by-day. As an ICF professional certified coach (PCC), I work as a holistic practitioner and bring together a wide range of tools, insights and practices. This includes system theory, NLP, wisdom from mindfulness, positive thinking, meditation, yoga and antique wisdom from all over the world; and gathers the experiences that go towards making us sensitive and effective human beings. I work with individuals, teams and groups. I live in Sweden and work online all over the world. Of course, and if necessary, we can also meet face-to-face.

Unique way to reach your inner voice

Throughout my career, I have been honing my own way of listening. I listen holistically and in multiple layers and have evolved the unique skill of combining intuition, curiosity, presence and my true passion of “being there for you” and “creating a safe space for you by standing by your side” to enable you to journey through any heavy, painful and tough experiences and guide you through finding Your Own way to the other side; and, through being of service, give you the hope, strength and courage to realise your true potential.

Carin H. Bladh, CEO Carin Coach AB