Charles McFarland

My career in theatre started at The University of Cambridge as President, ADC University Theatre. Directing something like twenty-four shows in three years in various university settings and groups, I served as an Artistic Director and Producer of a theatre company at the age of 21!

From the business of theatre to ‘theatre in business’ – my ever-expanding circles of work have taken me from the purely creative (I’ve coached over sixty teams of professional theatre artists to product delivery) to running many companies (growing customer bases) and into major capital fundraising campaigns to develop, build, open and program three new performing arts facilities in the space of eight years.

Now, four years into my formal business/ executive coaching practice, I have combined the two: if what I call the “KRA loop” establishes targets, implements towards them, measures key results and then feeds the learning back into a continuously evolving business process, so a mirror of it in the creative cycle can open up the business’ paradigm of intention and strategy, both as it “plays” and as it is exchanged with ‘live’ audiences, feeding back the ‘story’, not just as it is intended and delivered, but as it is received.

Writing and “playing” the practice’s ‘script’ means:

Opening up the strategy process so that commonality of purpose and values reveals and releases unimagined capacity

Moving service delivery into the co-creative, collaborative paradigm, to bring forward its untapped potential

Bringing in the ‘customer’ as an active participant in the iteration and evolution of the practice

Casting the practitioner in a new, unique leadership model to drive the business – on its own, or in collaboration with a team

CEO, Theatre of Commerce