Denis Roberts

My life and career has been devoted to a single issue: enabling sole practitioners to develop independence, and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, through discovering their own unique gift; true voice; and where these have the greatest impact on the lives of their clients; and on their contribution to the world.


As a holistic practitioner, I draw on my experience as an organizational psychologist, group analyst, corporate transformation consultant, career counselor, strategic mentor, master mentor tutor and virtual organization designer.


I studied with Antioch University, which is a liberal arts university that is is dedicated to offering a life-changing educational experience for students pursuing a successful career and a meaningful life.

It specializes in fully individualized interdisciplinary research for working across the boundaries of centers of excellence. My journey started with research that explored of the genesis of creativity and learning through modelling co-creative conversations across the boundaries of three centers of excellence: The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations / University of Oxford / Antioch University; and brought together the perspectives of organizational psychology, anthropology and phenomenology. This resulted in:

►  the appointment of a virtual team of supervisors from across the disciplines and creation an interdisciplinary space

►  the  design of a new interdisciplinary practice paradigm grounded in creativity and experiential learning

►  the creation of a virtual organization for the duration of the research

►  combining interdisciplinary and fully individualized approaches

►  the evolution of fully individualized programs based on totally self-managed learning

►  the design of global online premium coaching businesses


This has culminated in a set of Fully Individualized Programs that are designed around the individuals to fit like a glove:

►  one-on-one to develop the individual

►  two-on-two to develop the individual and the team

►  three-on-three to develop the individual, team and organization

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