Breakthrough The Glass Ceiling And Enter The Premier League

If you are a high calibre coach or consultant whose business and practice has plateaued due to a combination of practice, organisation and business issues, then this short article is intended for you. The article will provide you with a framework to self-assess your potential and readiness to breakthrough the glass ceiling into the premier league.

The set of 10 statements below relate to the key practice, organization and business challenges that are most likely to be obstructing your growth and are keeping you stuck below the glass ceiling. They also point to a strategy and roadmap for breaking through the glass ceiling into the premier league.

This, in turn, will enable you to assess where currently you are on your journey to the premier league, as well as sharpen your personal vision of the destination.

1) I am a high level coach and sole practitioner .. who has gained mastery in someone else’s approach and practice .. and is limited by franchise and market fee-rates .. which no longer reflect my true worth and potential.


2) My continuous professional development has plateaued and is no longer progressing at a suitable rate .. and .. most especially .. in a direction that is increasingly building my independence and personal brand.

3) I am losing my former vision, passion and purpose .. and this is impacting on my focus, strategy and goals for the future .. and .. more and more .. I am faced by the question of “Where do I go from here?”

4) I am ready to discover my own unique gift and approach .. and have the necessary level of mastery to breakthrough into the premier league .. and author my own Flagship Training The Trainers Program .. to strengthen my independence and personal brand.


5) Working on my own .. I sometimes experience isolation, anxiety and fear about the future .. and this impacts on my mindset and productivity .. and can see the real benefit of working in a team.

6) I am ready to work as a team .. and have the necessary level of independence to enter into mutually beneficial relationships .. to generate value which is larger than the sum of the parts.

7) I want to build a Premium Global Online Practice and reap all the benefits that this can bring.

Business Model

8) I am trapped by the glass ceiling of (caseload x fee-rate = revenue cap)

9) I am aware that “training the trainers” .. through the formation of my own academy / personal brand .. represents a critical business breakthrough .. into a tried and tested systematic, exponential business model.

10) I appreciate that I cannot do this on my own .. and can accelerate the growth of my business .. with the personal support and guidance of a strategic developer .. and a program that is designed entirely around me as a unique individual.

If six or more of these statements apply, it would be well worth our while to meet in person on Skype for a no strings informal chat to assess your potential and readiness to breakthrough the glass ceiling into the premier league .. and establish, precisely, what that will look like for you:

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