For Building Premium Global Online Businesses And Networks

Vision and Mission

We believe every individual has a true gift and when they connect with the well-spring of their creativity and source of their positivity they realise what it is like to be truly gifted. It is our mission for our clients to experience this transformation and lead independent, purposeful and exemplary lives” Denis Roberts, CEO Business Coaching For Premium Coaches

The Company

Business Coaching For Premium Coaches is a virtual mastermind organization for independent coaches and consultants; and which combines fully individualized mentoring and coaching programs with virtual organization design to grow Premium Global Online Coaching and Consulting Firms and Networks.

Fully Individualized Programs

Our programs are shaped entirely around the participant and their client as unique human beings and pinpoint vocation. A premium designer program is then co-created with the participant and their client and delivers pure quality that puts it in a class of own in the marketplace.

Strategic Partnerships and Mastermind Organisation

Upon completing our programs, participants become strategic partners in our mastermind organisation and qualify to retail programs and services through the company at our premium rates. This includes co-branding opportunities that are underpinned with virtual infrastructure to create twin marketing channels. And all at no extra cost.

Virtual Learning Community

The organisation interfaces with the world through a video communications-based virtual learning community founded on mutual benefit, best practice and experiential learning. It is a gathering where all key stakeholders can meet on video to network, combine and collaborate, showcase services and trade. The community encompasses the business as a whole.

Exponential Business Model

► Traditional model: Fixed Capacity x Fixed Fee-Rate = Revenue Cap

► Premium model: Fixed Capacity x Unlimited Fee-Rate based on ever-increasing quality and demand = Exponential Growth

Brand Value

► The sole practitioner is the fundamental business unit and they are their brand

Value is co-created with their client and the strength of the brand is determined by the practitioner’s qualities as a human being coupled with the qualities they bring out in the client

► Reciprocal strategic partners generate teams and organizations that are larger than the sum of the parts and strengthen the brands of all involved

► Through co-branding each brand is mutually reinforced strengthening each of the brands even further

► Our virtual learning community encompasses the business as a whole and the calibre of the people that it attracts, develops and promotes further strengthens our brand by association

45 Minute Complimentary Discovery Session: 

You are invited to a Free 45 Minute Discovery Session to begin to Reveal Your True Gift and Form a Clearer Vision of Your Desired Destination. We will dig deep and Pinpoint the Negative Mindset that is Preventing You from Connecting with Your True Gift and build a business and practice that Generates Income which Reflects Your True Worth. We will Discover the Way Forward and enable you to experience what a “Breakthrough into a Positive Mindset” will feel like.

Strictly confidential

All our work together is treated as strictly confidential to open a safe space for digging deep into some of the human dilemmas that are likely to be at play and thereby provide scope to generate transformational results.

Next Step

To take the first step, all you have to do, is click “BOOK NOW” to book your FREE 45 Minute Discovery Session, so let’s meet to discover what your breakthrough will look like.

CEO, Business Coaching For Premium Coaches: Denis Roberts